…a little man who’s growing up so fast. He fills our days with energy and laughs, boo-boos and songs, kisses and hugs and life. Oh, how we love him. Even when he cries his head off the whole walk home from Trader Joe’s, there’s something about his toddler intensity that just makes me smile.

His second birthday is approaching, and his daddy and I sat for two hours on the couch last night, looking for just the right presents. How much fun is it to look at toys and realize that his little imagination is going to blossom and develop, and that his childhood days will be filled with memories provided by these special things — just like mine were. It’s too much fun. I can’t wait for September 15th!

One of my favorite moments of the day? When I first open my eyes in the early morning and see his sweet baby blues staring right back at me. And he caresses my cheek and says, “Hi, Mom.”

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Haven’t talked to you in forever! Is life is crazy in CA as it is here? If not, I may hop on that plane a little sooner than planned (just kidding — it’s just soooo busy!)

    Take care of the little man, the big guy, and our newest little one — and you!


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