Bye Mama!

5 Comments Bye Mama!

  1. Michelle Perez

    D this picture looks like it could be a postcard or Norman Rockwell painting. Way too cute. I love it… Where by the way was he going?

  2. danica

    @ Chelle: He’s been soooo into trains for weeks and weeks. We can hear the commuter train here in town, and every single time, he stops whatever he’s doing and listens and tells me about the train. His favorite thing to do is ride down with Ryan to watch the trains go by. So on Sunday, instead of driving home from church (a 1/2 hour drive), he and Ryan took the train. Ohmygoodness, was he ever excited!!

  3. nana nene

    I so agree with the Norman Rockwell look of this picture. I love this one and would like it in a 9×10 non glossy finish for my livingroom wall -thank you.


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