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Here comes November. And now that Palin’s on the ticket, there actually seems to be a bit of a race towards that Tuesday.

I’ll admit that my enthusiasm for this whole campaign significantly waned when Ron Paul’s moment was over. While he was certain to not win, it was sort of fun to actually be excited about a man who seems to get it the way I do.

That said, this whole election process has made me painfully aware of the fact that it seems like Christians (especially my generation) are, umm, bored with being pro-life. Somehow it’s old-fashioned, or simplistic, to think abortion to be the most important issue. Please read what John Piper has to say on the “one-issue” issue.

It’s true that there are so many important issues. Goodness knows that’s why I was excited about Ron Paul: finally, someone who addresses foreign policy and economics and state’s rights and everything else in a way that I think is right.

It’s true that Christians can have a biblically informed response to those issues, too. Yes, my faith does shape the way I think about environmental stewardship.

But name one — one — of those important issues that is addressed point-blank by scripture. Show me where God speaks black-and-white on whether or not we should drill in Alaska. Or whether or not tax dollars should be spent towards American auto research. Or whether or not my husband should have his money simply taken away and distributed to the less fortunate, or given to us so that we can give it away. (Guess where I fall on that one.)

I love to get to the bottom of these conscience issues along with the best of them. I do. And I hope that someday, I’ll be able to see pro-life on two tickets, and then decide based on some of these other issues. Josh Harris awaits that day, too. Please read what he has to say about abortion, “voting John McCain”, and the responsibility of Christians in the upcoming election.

Yes, someday, prayerfully, there will be more than one candidate willing to stand against abortion.

But we’re not there yet.

There’s whole-sale slaughter still happening. Right this minute. As you read this.

So you tell me: is it time to be bored? Is it time to move on? Is it time to wrangle about with tax cuts and public school strategies?

Or should we still be one-issue people?

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  1. brietta

    I know most people right now are struggling with fear because of the stock market and all the financial crisis we are facing as a nation, but somehow that pales for me when I consider the possibility of a president who believes that life is expendable. In the last several days, I have had to remind myself that God is good all the time, that He is faithful and in control, because it seems a very fearful thing when people (Christians, namely) are more concerned with their pocketbooks and healthcare than they are with the murder of babies.

  2. margaret nordberg

    right to life is not just limited to the life inside the womb.

    we desperately need to pray for God’s wisdom and direction for this election. if my people……..


  3. Ryan

    @Brietta: Regarding the stock market… It’s closed down a mere 34 points for the week. It’s actually UP 40 points in the last month. 18% in the past five years. And 44% in the past ten years.

    The media is WAY hyping an financial crisis to help Obama’s doom and gloom.

  4. Ryan

    Umm, strike that, a 700 billion dollar bailout is a crisis regardless of what I say.

    …not because of a a weak economy, but because of socialism!


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