Monday we celebrated a little boy’s second birthday. He was excited from the moment he woke up, thanks to Ryan faithfully crossing off calendar days for two weeks leading up to his birthday. We’d been talking about birthday cakes and candles, balloons and presents, and he couldn’t wait. Could. Not. Wait!

We’d decided to have a family party, and at the last minute invited two friends to join us for cake and presents. All day long, I told Jameson that when Daddy got home from work, the party would start. When Ryan called to say he was on his way home, Jameson went through the roof with excitement. He could hardly stand still while I got him dressed into clean “party” clothes, and then proceeded to run in circles in the back yard (falling much more than once, and hardly even noticing.) Ryan called to Jameson from the driveway, and when Jameson pushed open the gate, there stood Ryan with ten helium balloons and a special Thomas Train balloon. Jameson was beside himself happy. Just absolutely giddy with it all.

Dinner, and then basketball with Rune and Daddy (more running in circles, absolutely thrilled with the whole party thing), and then inside for CAKE!! Oh, he couldn’t wait to blow out those candles!

We opened presents, and he loved even the clothes. His favorite, though, was the big gift we saved for last: a wooden train set. He was SO EXCITED.

There are videos forthcoming of both the candles and the train set gift, for those who are interested.

Anyway, it was a pretty exciting day. I had so much fun sharing in his enthusiasm, knowing that no effort on my part to make it special would be lost. He loved every bit, from hanging the birthday banner to licking the beaters to waiting for the sound of Daddy coming home. It was the most fun birthday I’ve been a part of in a long time, and I remembered again how much fun being a kid is on those special days. And I appreciated again how much a mother’s enthusiasm makes all the difference. (Thanks, Mom!)

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  1. darlenesinclair

    It looks delightful! So sorry not to have been there!!!
    Somehow it all looks so familiar. I guess the joy of early birthdays, the starstruck eyes, the balloons and hats, festive cakes… it’s the same from generation to generation. Those photos could stand right next to yours, and even mine, and somehow the full eyes and the happy smiles are the same. Amazing…

    Thanks for the photos. It’s definitely the next best thing. I loved them all.

  2. louissa

    i was looking through the photos and kept thinking, “they’re the best parents.” i know that some would say that i’m totally biased, but i honestly think so.

    you’re the best.

  3. Renee

    Oh wow, what a little man! I can’t believe Asher will be 2 here in a matter of months as well. Where does the time go??!! You look great by the way! You must be getting so excited, not much longer huh! Enjoy these last few weeks just you and Jameson, they are really special.

  4. Keila

    What a handsome little boy he is becoming!!! Congratulations on his birthday and on such an exciting day!!! Looking forward to those videos.

  5. nana nene

    Oh how we all wish we could be there. May he always be as happy and safe and care free as he is in that good night 2 year old picture. My favorite from this group. Thanks for another memory, as close as it can be to being there. nana nene


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