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There are three new handbags for sale here.

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  1. Angela S.

    I’m in the market for a new handbag, but I love my old one so much it’s going to be rediculous trying to replace it! It has three pockets on the outside front, three inside, and a zipper pocket on te outside back. And I can fit tons of stuff in it!

  2. Danica

    @Angela: Haha, you make me laugh! I’m still trying to decide if I like big with pockets or not. I can’t believe how much stuff you have to carry around for a baby (like, you know, three extra outfits because if you only bring two, they’ll ALWAYS have three blow-outs), but on the other hand, big and lots of pockets just means I lose things into this abyss of a bag. And when I finally empty it, I find that it’s fully of crumpled old grocery receipts. Ugh. It’s like having a whole other closet to clean. :)

    But you should look on etsy for a replacement bag. You’ll find what you’re looking for, no doubt, and it’ll be “fun!”

  3. brietta

    @Danica: the good news is that you’ll have a lot less blow-outs with cloth diapers! At least, that was definitely my experience with Aubrey, though, granted, she didn’t switch until she was 6m old. (But she was still blowing out regularly through disposables at that point, so I’m thinking it really is true!)

  4. Danica

    Speaking of diapers: I was researching the diaper purchase for the coming baby before I went to bed last night, and guess what my hugely disturbing nightmare was? I kept going out to my clothesline to find a whole row of bumgenius diapers instead of my kissaluvs. Oh no! And the worst part? They were never dry! Oh yes. Nightmares at their worst. :)

  5. Ryan

    Stay on point girls—this is about selling products.


    …I can’t believe the Blue Floral hasn’t sold yet. That’s the coolest one.

  6. Sheila

    Hi Danica. I don´t think I have ever commented here before, although I have been a lurker for close to a year now, I think. I became a for sure follower when you got pregnant shortly after I did – something irressitable about following along with someone in a similar situation. Anyways, writing today because your post a few days back about voting really hit me, and I was wondering if it would be ok to link to it on my blog?

    I may or may not already be in labor (contrations coming and going…), so if I don´t respond to your response or don´t post the link soon, you´ll know why… :)

  7. Sheila

    I tried toemail you back, but my email isn´t working. So, thanks for letting me link. And no baby yet…only just enough contractions to keep me on my toes, without ever actually going anywhere…

    Oh, and don´t feel bad about a day´s delay in getting back to me – as you may have picked up when you checked out my blog, I don´t get online everyday/consistently.

  8. Jen Trelease

    Danica! Beautiful bags!!! My mother’s birthday is coming up in November. She’s Dutch and she loves anything blue and white, because it reminds her of the blue and white Dutch china that often depicts windmills. The other bonus is she loves anything blue to match her eyes. Is the blue and white floral purse still available and for how much? It really is gorgeous. Looks like you do excellent work!
    We’re off on a mini vacation to visit family till Sunday, so if I don’t respond, you’ll know why.

  9. Danica

    @Abby: For these, I used a fusible fleece lining. It works well for this size; along with simply the structure of the design, it’s enough to give it a little sturdiness.

    For larger bags, though, where you want to have a boxy quality, I would recommend using a heavyweight Pellon interfacing. You can find a pretty big variety of stiffness, which is nice, especially if you want a sturdy bottom for your larger bag.


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