every moment a gift


The few autumn decorations here and there help to remind me: time passes. This day will flee like the last, and even more so, this moment.

Never mind the exhaustion, the sense of just trying to make it through the day with clean clothes and full bellies. Never mind emotions in upheaval; this is no time to judge too harshly, chastise too severely. No, better just take this moment for what it is, with the energy it’s wrapped in, and love the Lord. Love my husband. Love my boy.

Yes, better to just do that.

So I sleep a bit longer in the morning. I cuddle a bit longer after naptime. I save energy to make sure there’s a smile when he comes in the door, even if there isn’t always a dinner to impress.

And I step around the Little People farm animals on the floor and remind myself that it’s not the end of the world if they lay there for a few more hours.

And when even those reminders don’t seem to work, there’s the Lord. He is a Rock.

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  1. Rand Young

    Danica, I wanted to invite you to join in an effort to united as many christians from all over the world in an effort of intercessory prayer, every friday at 7pm. Visit here for details: http://prayerbowl.wordpress.com/ and sign up in the comments area! Thanks.

    P.S. Your bags you make are so cool. I loved the one with the leaf but alas, it is sold! :( And did you make that adorable doll??

  2. Angela S.

    Getting excited about your new baby coming. You and Ry are blessed. Just want you to know my latest bloggin’ rants weren’t about you, though you are a woman of beauty. I love the “Sinclair” holiday blogs. You should make a momandus type page just for the holidays called “Sinclair Family Holidays.” LOL


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