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I’m working on posts about my new sweet William, who is currently asleep on my chest. Mmm, I am loving the smell of new baby! I’ve taken some more pictures and will get them posted, too. Because you just have to see this little miracle of ours! For now, don’t mind a cut-to-the-chase post on the upcoming election. Two weeks out, it’s time to stay fervent and prayerful.

One, regarding voting for a third party in this upcoming election:

(I know you’ve all at least read snippets of this post. Humor me while I once again submit a portion for perusal.)

I sympathize with wanting to send a message to the Republican Party. I have done this both in state elections and once on the presidential level. One year I wrote in a third party candidate Alan Keyes, an African American who has boldly stood up for unborn children. There is a time to do this.

But is this the time, when failing to vote for McCain could ultimately remove hundreds of laws limiting abortion at the statewide level—informed consent and parental consent and late term abortion measures? As a physician commenting on my last blog said, prolife physicians and nurses and hospitals could find themselves with a federal mandate to perform abortions, and lose their licenses if they refuse. The Freedom of Choice Act, which Obama promised Planned Parenthood he will sign if elected president (my previous blog has this on video), could ultimately do all this and more. It may also make life very difficult for Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Two, regarding voting for Obama:

(This is a post written by my husband. It’s black and white. I’d apologize for the lack of gray, but you know, the more I think about this, the less gray I see.)

I am appalled to hear that some Christians’ are supporting Barack Obama; such behavior will be judged—this is my only consolation.

We live in the greatest nation on earth and it is great for a plethora of reasons. And no reason is more supreme than that we are a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Likely human history has never witnessed another earthly institution of its kind, equipping her people with innate respect, dignity, trust, and equality, by simply allowing them the opportunity to rule themselves. Yes at its fundamental core, the right to vote holds with it the ability to secure our freedom or reap the gravest of destruction.

As such then, by citizenship, we inherit the terrible and high responsibility to lead this nation and her people, together. And while many may abdicate such an awesome burden, we will never be free from accountability to God in this regard. Make no mistake: it is God Himself who has called us to leadership within this Republic, and it is God Himself who will judge us accordingly (Romans 13:1).

As a nation, we will forever face many tough and heart wrenching issues; sadly, on this side of eternity, life will never be fair. Yet I believe no single issue will ensure God’s wrath faster than that of legalized and publicly funded abortion. And make no mistake, a vote for Barack Obama is a vote to sacrifice the lives of babies at the gain of your pet political agenda. You will be judged for this.

May God help us.

Three, a reminder to remember to see this from God’s perspective, and not just from the finite perspective of our current living status. Regardless of the wisdom of a candidate on certain areas, a man who does not align himself with God in the area of legalized bloodshed in the nation he is ruling is setting himself in opposition to God and His blessing. The people dwelling under such leadership simply cannot expect favor. Rather, they can expect judgment. There are spiritual principles at work here.

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  1. brietta

    You know I love this article.

    But, mostly, I just want more pictures of William. :)

    Dad announced William’s arrival yesterday at church. I couldn’t believe it was the first Sunday since his birth. Isn’t it amazing how quickly new babies take up residency in our homes, families, and hearts so that we struggle to remember before we knew who they were?

  2. brietta

    P.S. I just, for the first time, read the “more” about you (I missed it all this time for some reason). Really funny.

    I think you’ve been married 3 years now, though, and you’ll have to add William to it!

  3. Dottie

    Hey Everyone, Let’s start a little “plea” for pictures from Ryan and Danica and inundate them with requests on their blog! Maybe they’ll get tired of the requests and get some pictures up! (Ha-ha) Just teasing you guys!! We know you are extremely busy and soaking up every moment of this new little joy in your lives! We’ll be patient! :o)


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