It’s a beautiful world I woke to this morning. Branches are weighed down with ice and snow. The sky is varying shades of blue and gray, with tinges of peach along the horizon. A trio of evergreen trees, the focal point of the back yard, are elegant sentinels in this ice kingdom. Breathtaking, we all say.

It’s a busy household I woke to this morning. The comings and goings begin with the appearance of the sun and will continue until the wee hours of the night. The small fry emerge with tousled hair, sleepy eyes, and a full tank of energy that will keep them playing, crying, scrapping, singing, laughing, and living until those little heads hit their pillows. My mother is matriarch, for sure, keeping her eye on the grandchildren (and the youngest uncle who fits right in) while daughters do their best to cook, clean, school, and do laundry. “I like the idea of extended families living all under one roof,” Mama says, as she helps to correct my toddler and I help cooking the day’s meals. (Will she still think that after a full day of playing correction officer to a whole passel kids?)

It’s a sweet baby face I woke to this morning. His little hands are clasped under a chubby cheek, his body nestled as close as can be to mine. I kiss his head of dark hair and marvel at how he’s grown. How beautiful I think he is. How adorable his little coos are. Another little love is already downstairs, playing with cousins. He’s quick to run to me, eating up the morning affection I give. Does he know that I enjoy his hugs as much as he enjoys mine? Maybe not. But I do.

(from yesterday)

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