What Jameson’s been up to.

Lots of family meals!

With Aunt Mills on the tree farm.

The long awaited “‘now”.

Cutting the tree.

Lunch together.

Decking the tree.

A cozy family room.

Proud of his tree.

9 Comments What Jameson’s been up to.

  1. Angela S.

    By the look on your face in the first picture I could tell it was breakfast. A quick visual search to find the sausages and pancakes confirmed my assumption. It totally looks like so much fun! I’m very happy you are able to be with family during this special time of year!

  2. Danica

    @Cheryl: Yes, it’s a “moby” wrap. (Actually just a strip of jersey cut the dimensions of a Moby!) I am really enjoying how snuggly it is for William’s newborn days. It’s also a great design in terms of weight dispersion. MAJOR con, in my book: it’s inconvenient to put on. Trying to not drag 5 yards of fabric on the ground isn’t a piece of cake, and makes it tricky in public, I think. And it’s a process that (silly as it may be) keeps me from wearing William as much as I would otherwise. As soon as he’s too big for that in-utero feel, I’ll switch to my Ergo. Same weight dispersion, quick and easy buckles.


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