it’s january?? you gotta be kidding!!

You know it’s bad when even the photo posts are few and far between.

Or maybe just busy.

Super-duper uber-crazy busy.

Because that’s how life can be when there are 20+ people living in one house. And celebrating Christmas. And playing games and watching movies. Oh, and throw in a wedding for good measure. And if you get a free minute, could everyone please look for the lost load of laundry? Thanks.

I’m trying to get some pictures up of our time in New York (although, to be honest, I sort of didn’t get a chance to take too many pictures and just hoped my dad would get enough good ones.)

This is what we did while we were gone:

Ryan got really sick with the flu. He also looked very handsome in his tuxedo. He went skiing with some friends and outdid himself (forgetting, temporarily, that his 36 yr old body would pay for such exertion.) He bought me presents even though we didn’t buy anything for each other this year. He played x-box. He gave me a hug when I cried about coming back home.

Jameson played. Constantly. He helped his aunts with cookie making, and did his part to consume them, too. He frequented Grandma and Grandpa’s apartment, where he knew he’d be greeted with a Twizzler. He hung ornaments on the tree. He had many “sleepovers” with Uncle Merrick. He also copied everything Uncle Merrick did. He bought William a present. He danced his heart out at Carina’s reception. He loved church. Actually, I think he loved every minute of the last month.

William grew. He arrived in New York a newborn and left a baby. He cooed lots. He was toted around by Aunt Camilla. He talked with Aunt Liana. He slept daily on Aunt Louissa’s bed. He got cuter and cuter and made me fall in love with him even more. He was greeted with great affection everywhere we went, even when crying his head off at the Tomford’s. He slept through his first Christmas.

I got a cold. I made cookies and party food and dinner for the crowds. I was in a bar with a baby, because I just had to see JMB play. I slept in my sisters’ room and felt young[er] again. I got all happy inside watching Jameson have the time of his life. I held William as much as I wanted, because other people were there to help with the house chores. I talked with my mom. I talked with Brietta. I went to the Moira Christmas dinner. I soaked in the Christas Eve candlelight. I played with Aubrey. I cried when Carina walked down the aisle. I ate too many cookies. I saw aunts and uncles and cousins. I was missing Madrid days before I even left. I loved every minute of being with all of my most special people.

Now it’s 2009. And I know that January 1st is a pretty inflexible event (and it’s already well past), but do you think it’s okay if I sort of “start” my new year in a few days? ‘Cause I need to unpack. And vacuum. And take a deep breath before I can sort out a fresh start.

Maybe February 1st can be my fresh start this time around. Whaddya think?

5 Comments it’s january?? you gotta be kidding!!

  1. darlenesinclair

    I’m definitely with ya on that one. February sounds good. We’ll just let January be an undated event for adjusting and catching up. Yeah, right…

  2. nancy

    so, you know those pop-up ads that come up on gmail? Seriously, I saw one last week that ranted “STOP mothers from bring infants into bars”.
    I was gonna send you the link : )
    -but figured they “didn’t mean you.”

    love you and miss you.

  3. Quinne

    Hi Danica :) It all sounds so lovely! So, so glad that you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. I’ll be praying with you as you unpack and begin your new year. Love & hugs, Q

  4. RickWez

    Gosh I know that feeling … it started the week before Christmas. Ice storm knocks out power and shuts down the capital region of NY. Then Christmas Day at the inlaws, Friday was my 15yr. high school reunion, Saturday my parents came to town, Sunday back to the inlaws because more family around, and then Tuesday to the inlaws, and then we were snowed in on New Years, and then to the inlaws 2 more times before family left.

    The kids are SO wiped out, but for some reason, Jonathan and Matthew think that he has to be up a 7AM … even if he was up to 12:30AM … we can put them to bed super late or super early … and it’s still 7AM that he comes in and wakes me up. Luckily I was home during that time and Angela didn’t have to do it all alone.

    Now I need a real vacation from my vacation … but it’s all good :)


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