A Christmas with slim wallets means thoughtful and creative gift-giving. Jameson and the Paladin cousins made out the best in this down economy. On Christmas Eve day, two big presents appeared under the tree, bearing the names of those much-loved little people. Inside, dozens of building blocks made by my dad. Smooth and shiny, perfectly matching, they told of hours in a workshop — and foretold of hours of play.

What a special gift.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Will send them his way ASAP. Today I am cleaning Carina’s apartment for her homecoming. Tomorrow we will find the perfect box and get them sent your way! A second opening — how fun!!

  2. Angela S.

    Blocks are awesome! We inherited homemade blocks from a family who’s grampa made them. They are painted orange and purple! So neat! Years of fun and creativity! A+ Papa Rick!

  3. Andrea

    Yes we did blocks, books, and anything learning. We went a bit crazy but we figured with how awesome these gifts would be to learning, we decided they all were a must. The home made blocks are precious! We had to buy ours, too bad. Your dad is amazing!

  4. Connie LaFaver

    That was such a nice thing for grandpa to do. Jameson will love that idea someday, right now it is just fun. Much love goes into a gift like that. I enjoyed your pictures, keep on posting them, it is a great way for us to stay involved. Good job Ryan & Danica raising your boys, they are very blessed with their mommy & daddy. Miss you!


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