Life’s seasons all have their own rhythms.

That sounds beautiful, of course, but the truth is that learning a new rhythm isn’t always easy. And some rhythms are harder than others. Some are real doozies (as mom would say.)

Remember the first time you encountered that awful measure, the one you thought for sure was a mistake, the one you carefully circled in pencil so that you could remember to ask your teacher just what in the world that was supposed to be? You know — the eighths over triplets?

And if you had a good teacher, they probably smiled in a “welcome to the real world, kid” sort of way, and then sent you home with a long list of things to do. So you would spend a whole week patting triplets one one knee, and awkward eighths on the other. You would tap out your limping rhythm on the kitchen table while you waited for your soup to be served. You would close the piano lid and play the whole piece, listening for those taps to become less like falling, more like dancing.

And then slowly, ever so carefully, you would add notes to this rhythm. And then phrasing and shape. And then, holding your breath, you’d string it together with the measure before, the measure after, and ta-da. Music.

I’ve been thinking about that as I encounter this new season’s rhythm (2 kids.) If I try to be stubborn or show-offy or refuse to practice well, I could well endure months of limping along. But if I humbly acknowledge that I need a few more days of table-tapping before this measure can be successfully played, I may find myself progressing evenly, capably, beautifully.

This weekend, I added this note to the rhythm:

I’m holding my breath, hoping it wasn’t too much, too fast. But even if it has to be taken back, at least I had a happy glimmer of how beautiful it will all be when it comes together.

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  1. brietta

    P.S. I’m envious of your sun-drying. I’ve told Daniel that I want him to hang the clothesline on the side of the porch so that I have easy access to it… but even then, the diapers will be “frozen dry,” which just isn’t quite as lovely!

  2. Melissa

    Wonderful post and I love the pictures! How do you like the kissaluvs? Ever since I started using cloth diapers I’ve been very curious to know how other types are. I’m using the Bum Genius but they were too bulky for Emarie for the first 1.5 months. I’m interested in getting something that will work for the next new born (God willing of course!)

  3. Dee

    Dear Danica, this is an accurate truth for mamas to think about. I still have trouble accomplishing mothering (with all its needs) 7 with ease. I am praying for daily grace (as you discussed! actually hourly is my song of late:) But, my goodness, love the comparison.

  4. Keila

    Oh my word! As I stand on the threshold of trying my hand at my own new rhythm… do you think not having been faced with such musical dilemma will affect my own results? I haven´t even dared thinking cloth diapers since I can´t keep up with laundry as it is!

  5. diane

    sounds like you’re playing a beautiful composition,….
    one that’s your very own! yours are the best!!
    the “score” looks rhythmic and lilting.
    and oh my, the green grass in the background!
    love ya much, diane


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