newborn diapering: my kissaluvs review

I began using cloth diapers last February, when Jameson was 17 months old. That meant I had no experience with diapering newborns, and so I started to research my options when William’s due date was drawing near.

I decided (rather easily, actually) to go with Kissaluvs. They were the cloth diapers I first fell in love with, back when Jameson was first born. I was determined to buy them someday and touch that pretty softness! So I was thrilled when they were, hands down, the most raved about diaper for newborns.

I bought 12 Kissaluvs in size 0, and 6 Thirsties covers in xs.

And they have been awesome.

I can’t say enough about how well they contain those newborn messes. You know the references I’ve made to scrubbing onesies after a blowout? Well, those blowouts have only ever happened on days when I’ve been using paper diapers. (And not cheap ones, either! You have to buy the very best paper diapers if you want any hope of not changing entire outfits multiple times a day!) The Kissaluvs’ elastic waist and leg openings are firm and don’t let anything past. Amazing. My favorite part of this is that I don’t have to run to change William the minute I hear anything, regardless of where we are or what we’re doing. My life is a tad more sane! Yay!

He’s now a good 15 pounds (maybe more.) I’ve had to adjust how I snap the diapers, and I know our end is near with these soft sherbet diapers. But even as he’s gotten to the point of almost outgrowing them, they still are working fabulously.

Cons? Well, I’m just glad I went with Fuzzibunz for Jameson, and I’ll be ordering a bunch of smalls for William to wear next. I didn’t mind the extra step of diaper and cover for these first few months, but honestly? It’s just not as easy! I also love how soft and slim Fuzzibunz are. There’s no firm bulk, like there is with the Kissaluvs (and prefolds — I remember that from days of younger siblings!) Fuzzibunz also dry so quickly. The Kissaluvs are nice, thick cotton — which means at least two drying cycles (or a full day in the sun, and then a round in the dryer, too!)

All said, I’ve dreaded the days of using paper diapers this time around, because Kissaluvs have given me such a better experience. Totally worth it!!

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  1. Ryan

    I’ll just state for the record, as the Dad, (modern) cloth diapers are really no big deal and I like knowing the my kids have cloth against their skin.

    That is to say, I highly recommend them.

    That said, while I sometimes change diapers, it’s not really my thing. And more, I don’t do the “rinse in the toilet part” unless there’s a national emergency.



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