pajama fun

The first “matching brothers” ensemble: I made them pj pants for Christmas. Jameson is so thrilled every time I pull them out of the drawers.

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  1. Rissa

    Hi! Love this picture – they look incredibly cute!

    I just wanted to say I saw your comment and the photo – so funny! I like that shirt :)

    We’re really excited to be having a homebirth, too. I loved your birthing story, and it definitely encouraged me even further in my resolve to make it happen. We feel so good about that decision, and it’s really nice for me to be able to read about real, live women who were successful in it. :)

    I’m glad our husbands have reconnected. I’ve followed your blog as well as the Mom and Us blog for a while now and all I ever receive is loads of encouragement.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Danica

    @Keila: I think that’s pretty true, too. Or maybe it’s that William looks so much like a Sinclair baby to me compared to Jameson, which makes Jameson in turn look so much more Dunphey?… Hmm.

  3. diane

    You are a good mama – always lay a blanket on the carpet before the baby!And Jameson, my gosh, has always been Dunphey thru and thru.
    Well, except for hair color. And yours in the family photo – wanted to mention how much like the coolest Christmas tinsel ever your hair is!!!


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