William’s quilt, which was started in November, finally was completed on Friday. The piecing and quilting was all done before I headed to New York — and good thing, because William doesn’t sleep the day away anymore. I can’t imagine getting a quilt started now. In the 6 weeks since I’ve been home, I managed to turn a yard of fabric into bias tape (thank you, Amy Karol), and affix that binding in a much more polished way than I did with Jameson’s quilt. Yes, that meant hours of hand sewing, but I didn’t mind. Sitting in the evening with my basket of scissors, needle, and thread is a luxury I enjoy. (Probably because it doesn’t happen more than once a week, thank you William!)

This quilt project was fun. I’m certainly not an accomplished seamstress, and definitely a clueless quilter. But one thing I’ve enjoyed about the new wave of craft enthusiasm is the “express yourself” that’s at the core. In other words, know enough rules to not be frustrated, but don’t be worried if you don’t know them all. Have fun.

So William’s quilt is certainly one of a kind. It’s wonky, yes. I’m sure there are a million things a true quilter would cringe over. But it’s also just what I wanted: a larger pattern than Jameson’s in the interest of saving time (do you know how long it took to piece Jameson’s 1.5 inch squares???), odd-shaped squares, white space, a bit of log cabin, and a cool striped binding that I made myself. And colors that compelled me to get the quilt done in the first place.

All on the cheap.

And all wrapped around one of the sweetest, happiest, smooshiest, loviest babies ever. Yes. I love him.


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  1. darlenesinclair

    It is beautiful and he is adorable! So, so cuddly!

    I just noticed the request from Mary for an article on momandus for quilting. How ’bout it? I think you should get right on that! Even with a bunch of links. Just to help someone else get one put together for their little one!

  2. Linda

    Beautiful, just like William. I love that you did it “on the cheap”. I love that you used pieces of old shirts, I really think everyone should reuse and repurpose. You did a fantastic job.


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