for the nanas

I told Jameson I was going to take pictures of his projects because his nanas would be so proud.

He has greatly enjoyed gluing and coloring and playing with cotton balls. And I certainly enjoy it more than, say, mopping the floor. (Which I finally did today.)

He’s extremely proud of these. Our landlady was here several days after the snowman was made, and first thing, he proudly brought her to our fridge and showed her his ” ‘Now!” (snow.)

So here they are, the work of a true (first child) genius:

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  1. Dottie

    I didn’t get to comment on your post titled “Another ramble” but I just wanted to tell you that it was so good!! I have shared it with others to encourage them….young mothers, etc. and I just wanted to let you know! It’s not only wonderful advice, encouragement, etc. for mothers but is wonderful “wisdom” from the Lord for ALL of us!! It can be used in so many circumstances of our lives but mostly as an everyday reminder of our “need for Jesus!!” Thank you so much for sharing and DO keep posting more! You are a blessing and encouragement and I want you to know that. May the Lord continue to bless you, your husband and your children. With thanks…..

  2. Linda

    I love the projects. True genius. We always have to take pictures of Matt’s projects but I love how proud he is of the work he does. Gluing, coloring are favorites for Matt also. PTL for washable markers as Matt’s very favorite is making tattoos :-)


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