Tonight we were out to eat, just Ry, William, and me. In the middle of a busy, colorful new restaurant, William sat on Ryan’s lap and just stared at me as I ate. With the hint of a smile on his lips. And absolute love in his eyes.

My little baby loves me.

The other best part of the night?

When Ryan said, on our way home, “You’re my best friend.”

I’m so blessed. Thanks, God.

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  1. Dottie

    Danica, This is so sweet! And, such a wonderful example of how a “Godly” marriage is suppose to be. You are truly blessed and the Lord is smiling on you and Ryan, I’m sure. What a gift from the Lord to have a loving and dedicated husband (and father). Keep posting because it is such a witness and testimony to how the Lord wants us to be in our marriages. You probably don’t realize how many people you “speak” to through your posts. There are so many marriages that are crumbling and falling apart and you are such an encourager (and example) in this world we live in. Your commitment to each other and your desire to serve the Lord in all you do is a beautiful example of the Lord in your lives. God bless you both and those sweet little boys!

  2. Stefanie T

    Happy birthday Danica! I’m always blessed by the things you share here. I think your children are ridiculously cute and that you little family is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your life with people so far away!!



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