rice pudding

This was our breakfast this morning. We ate it warm. (Okay, and my mid-day snack, too; I had to try it cold, you know.) Oh, yum yum yum.

How will I keep from making this every single day?

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Reminds me of Kirsten, the American Girl Doll. Remember how we made rice pudding for breakfast one time to be like Scandanavian settlers? It didn’t go over so well that time with any of you… but it was yummy and made sense to me at the time. Glad you’ve given it a whirl again.

    And bread pudding always seemed like good breakfast food as well. I recently made some because we had so many homemade bread leftovers. (Without the band here, food is around a bit longer!) http://www.momswhothink.com/easy-recipes/bread-pudding-recipe.html

  2. Keila

    That’s very similar to the Guatemalan recipe. Except that we throw a stick of cinnamon in the water you cook the rice in instead of vanilla! (While pregnant I really wanted condensed milk, so I’ve been using that instead of milk and sugar lately).

  3. sarah o.

    I’ve been thinking about eating this for breakfast… but how do you make it and not starve to death while it’s cooking? Any tips? Or is it better cold anyway?

  4. Danica

    @Sarah: That is SO funny! I rarely make this for that very reason: starvation!! I just have to keep myself super busy. And drink my coffee to try and fill my tummy. :) So yeah. I seldom make it and have so psyche myself up for the long cook time. That said, it IS super yummy cold, although a bit more dessert tasting. I like to make a double batch, for sure.


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