adding “get to” to your day

I’m a fairly self-disciplined person, they say. I’m not sure I’d label it that, since that sounds like such a positive quality (and another part of my personality is being not altogether, umm, “up” on myself), but I do tend to work hard and not indulge in too many fun things until the work is done. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

Well, you don’t have to be a homemaker very long to realize that the work is never done. This means that either a.) I never allow myself to do “fun” stuff or b.) I put that self-discipline to good work, making myself stop working at some point and just go for it. Do something fun.

What got me thinking about all this was this post about adding some “get to” to your day.

It occurred to me as I read that I’m wired to love certain things. And it’s on purpose! I could tend to feel like all of the unique talents and qualities that make me me are buried under a mountain of mundane mothering, but that’s not what God intends. He wants my loves and passions and strengths to flavor my mothering. In fact, Jameson and William were given into my stewardship because, for reasons unknown to me, their growth and development will happen best in my home — a home flavored by my personality.

Make sense?

So, God doesn’t want me to bury my talents.

That said, finding ways to add “get to” to my day needs to be creative in this season of my life — and it needs to happen within the context of serving my family.

That means that deciding to block off an hour and half every day to pull out my favorite Bach Toccata, Beethoven Sonata, and Chopin Ballade is probably not exactly right for this season. If I saw that as the only way for my talents to be expressed, I would be one frustrated woman! Instead, recognizing how God’s wired me, and my need for “fun” moments in my day means sitting Jameson next to me on the piano bench and playing some hymns “together.” Boom-chucking “God’s Not Dead!” while he dances and practices all of the hand motions. And maybe — just maybe— putting William on the floor at my feet and getting through just the exposition. (Ah! Bliss!!)

It also means that when I get a crafty itch, I wait for a rainy afternoon when we’re trying to find creative things to do, and sew up some bean bags with Jameson. How much fun he had sorting out the dried beans in muffin tins, and filling up the little bags (and dumping them, and filling them, and dumping them…) And in the meantime, I got to cut out pretty squares from my scraps and had the satisfaction of having made something!

Here’s something else I did recently to add some “get to” to my day. While Jameson and William napped, I made placemats for dinnertime. Jameson is learning to set the table, and (thanks to an idea Brietta had) I thought I’d make something to help him learn. Poster board, contact paper, and sharpies… and Voila! My family is served, Jameson is thrilled, and my gotta-make-something urge is indulged!

So I’m learning — learning to ask God how He wants me — Danica — to be a wife and mother in this home. And I’m taking this advice and finding myself more refreshed along the way.

(My floors are no cleaner, but Ryan seems to appreciate a smiling wife more than spotless floors, anyway. Go figure.)

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  1. michelle ross

    On Erin’s chore “learning” chart is setting the table. I just the other day decided to draw how a set table should look so she can see it before she sets the table. I was going to hang it on the wall under her chore chart but maybe on the table itself may work too.

  2. Iva

    I teach in a severe and profound handicapped classroom at a local middle school. We have place mats very similar to yours – and for the very same reason! (They really work, too)

  3. Janice

    What a good reminder. Being who God created us to be makes for a happier home, full of a happier family! I was going through some journals the other day, and read an entry on this very thing.

    When I’m living this way the results are so possitive!

    I keep forgetting it though… : )

    We should strike a deal. I’ll help you remember if you’ll help me! : )

  4. Randi

    Everything you said is so true. God has recently been taking me though and teaching me the same principal. Your post is just more confirmation to what he’s been saying to me. Thank you! P.S. I love the placemats! :)


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