“i think i can”

Today, I find great comfort and encouragement in the fact that everywhere I go, everyone I see has been potty trained.

He can do this.

I can do this.

(and yes, this post is a pep talk for myself. i reserve the right to use this weblog for such purposes.)

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  1. Andrea Hawkins

    Hey Danica,
    Don’t worry, Ethan isn’t potty trained yet. I never pushed it with any of mine and ALL of them use the toilet now. :) They all just kind of “wanted” to do it and it happened. The times that I would “push” them to go seemed not to to work so I just let them do it. I would encourage but not stress over it. They usually got the concept around 3. Ethan just turned 3 a week ago, so I am hoping it will “click” for him soon. :) Take joyin knowing, he won’t be in diapers forever! =)

  2. Dottie

    Take heart, Danica! Boys are very stubborn and don’t have much interest to “really” do it until age 3! I have a friend who did this little trick and it worked!! She suspended, from a string, Match Box cars from her bathroom ceiling (sticky tack, push pins or whatever works on your ceiling). It encouraged her little boy to sit there and try and he would just “stare” at those cars hanging down!!! ;o) His reward was a car for everytime he went “on the potty!” So, there you go! Just a little suggestion for you! You can get the cars cheap at many places. Hang in there! He’ll do it in his time!

  3. michelle ross

    Both of my girls didn’t get it until 3! This time around I waited and potty training almost required no real training! Maygen basically trained herself. :) It was so stress free and enjoyable. I gave Ada a try the other day b/c she’s been asking. After a “serious” try I realized she’s no where near ready and I’ll try again later.

  4. brietta

    I’ll echo what everyone else has said: the biggest way to keep potty training stress-free is to not push it too soon. I’m not really sure why TWO has become the age to potty train; closer to three has worked better for all my kids. And when you’ve got cloth diapers, it becomes less urgent to get them trained because you’re not spending any more $$ on diapers anyway– and you’re not single handedly creating massive landfills either. ;)

    Anyway, potty training isn’t fun, but you’re right: everybody learns at some point. And in a few years you won’t even give Jameson + toilet any thought– it will just be the norm!


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