These delicate pink-kissed tulips made their way into my basket yesterday. They weren’t exactly on the grocery list, but you know. It’s a Sunday worth celebrating.

Today, lots of cooking, quick cleaning, setting tables, prepping baskets, all that good stuff.

Tomorrow, church, and a house full of friends who will join us (some for their first “Easter” ever!)

Enjoy your preparations. And remember to sing as you go: Jesus is alive!

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  1. nancy

    thanks for the elegant pic. I love tulips!!
    have a wonderful celebration tomorrow.

    FYI: your post from yesterday actually inspired me and prompted me to
    finish my half-begun poem. It’s very true that most of my inspiration and spiritual
    thoughts come to me in the kitchen….

  2. darlenesinclair

    Wonderful to celebrate our Saviour, our best and kindest friend.
    Wonderful to share your celebration with a houseful of friends, some who never quite celebrated before.
    Wonderful to remember His great and lasting sacrifice, His love which knows no bounds, so far-reaching that it found out me.

    Wonderful to see Love for Him celebrated in every corner of this sin-filled earth, seeing such corners redeemed because His loves lives on in our hearts!

    O, blessed Easter day!! Rejoice! Joy for evermore is ours!!
    Joy to the World, He is Risen!

  3. Carina

    BTW – the pictures from Easter with the family are my favorite. Your hair looks awesome. What a great shape. I hope you like it too – it looks AWESOME!!!!!!


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