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  1. brietta

    I absolutely love William’s basket. Where on earth did you find it?!

    And Jameson’s expression in the last picture is totally toddler-priceless! Isn’t that how all little kids are feeling by the time mealtime on Easter Sunday rolls around??? :)

    P.S. I noticed the orange plate you have hanging above the bookshelf in the dining room. Where did you get the plate hanger? I’ve had a plate I bought at TJ’s about 6 weeks ago that I can’t get hung because nobody around here sells hangers! Did you order yours online or anything?

  2. Stacie

    Simply lovely… all of it.

    Almost fell off my chair though when I saw that photo of the boys sitting on the floor. I had to stop my brain in it’s tracks because it was saying to me, “Who’s the little guy that pho… OH! Wait. William isn’t a newborn anymore?”


  3. Danica

    @Bri: William’s basket, like Jameson’s, is from Sheri. They’re Longaberger. I guess every year they put out a unique Easter basket that is available for a very limited time. Aside from our picnic basket (also Longaberger), they are the absolutely nicest baskets I’ve ever seen. I think I could probably sit on William’s, and it wouldn’t break.

    As for the orange plate: ha! It’s actually a scrap of my fave fabric in a large embroidery hoop. (I was inspired by a picture I saw at The plate hangers I do have are, I think, from Hacketts. But SURELY your SuperWalMart has plate hangers! ;)

    @Stacie: I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m insisting that he still is a newborn. Please don’t burst my bubble. :)


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