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Papa Small, by Lois Lenski, has been our most recent favorite. In fact, Jameson, Mama, and Daddy all like it so much that I immediately tracked down a copy to purchase. The size of the book is, I think, part of what has endeared it to Jameson (about 6″ square). Perfect for little hands! Lenski’s illustrations are simply darling (I’ve borrowed several of her books from the library, and now want to find all the rest of them!) Most of all, though, we love the simple story of a family’s daily and weekly life: a picture of Daddy shaving while the kiddies watch, waving goodbye to Daddy as he drives to work, going to church together, eating the dinner that Mama cooked all around the dining room table… It’s the special moments all in one little book! Highly recommended.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Very cool! We have one of Lois Lenski’s books for intermediate readers — but until I just checked I had no idea she was so prolific. Many fun looking children’s books! Great gift ideas, for sure. ;)

  2. brietta

    I’m so glad to hear you say you love this! I saw it and put it on my wishpot list for the new baby (how silly, right?– but I like to keep track so I have ideas come Christmas and Easter!) because it just looked so cute, but, of course, a personal recommendation is even better than simply seeing and thinking it looks great. I would love to start a collection of all of the “Little” books at some point, too!


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