day four

Well, I’m on Day Four of my grand spring clean fest.

I’m proud of myself for forging ahead, despite the many complications one encounters when tearing a house apart, training a toddler, blocking out sounds of a mad baby, and such. I tell myself that this is a good learning experience, and each year, I’ll get better at balancing all of these things (or feel less bad about locking the kids outside to play. …kidding!!) Whenever I have wanted to say, “Well, maybe I’ll just do one cleaning day a week for the next [umpteen] months,” my eyes wander over to the corner of the living room where my grand piano sits. And I notice that the floor in that farthest, bump-your-head-on-the-piano corner is gleaming. For the first time since I moved in, really. And wouldn’t you know, it makes the whole room feel so much bigger. Amazing what a little reflective sheen on hardwood can do for the soul.

So I plod on.

And Jameson happily squirts water and vinegar concoctions on every surface imaginable. And climbs the towers of couch cushions (flashback: wasn’t I just doing the same thing while Mom cleaned?) And bops the baby on the head because he’s bored and big brothers resort to such things when matchbox cars aren’t fun anymore.

(Cue cries from mad baby.)

In the back of my mind, there are the rumblings of Good Stuff. You know, Holy Spirit nudges. I like those.

Maybe by the time I’m done with cleaning ovens, lifting pianos, and being creeped out by lurking spiders, those nudges will be ready to actual thoughts. And I’ll share.

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