the boys

Jameson ::

:: suddenly loves “silly” humor. “Mom, I eat spiders!” “Mom, I’m a tomato!” It cracks me up. And it’s amazing how fun it is to have someone to laugh with during the day. Even if it is, you know, utterly ridiculous.

:: helps me with so many little things all day long, I forget he’s only two. How on earth does someone learn so much about life and interacting with the world in only two years?

:: LOVES baseball. I mean, loves it. When we’re flipping through channels, he’ll cry if we pass by a ballgame. And when he does get to watch one, he’s totally captivated. Too cute.

William ::

:: is sooo big. Like, 25 pounds big. At six months! He grows and changes every day.

:: loves Jameson. Nothing makes him laugh like peekaboo with Jameson.

:: would snuggle on my lap all day, if possible. Tonight I remembered how quickly that will pass. And I want to snuggle more.

:: does this funny left-hand slap all. day. long. It’s absolutely adorable.

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  1. brietta

    Hahahaha… I am dying laughing trying to picture William and Aubrey next to each. Can anyone say they perhaps define chunky boyishness and petite girlie-ness?!?!?! :)

    On a more serious note, Jameson’s going to be three. Like Gabriel was when we moved up here. Except that Jameson’s supposed to be your little, just kind of grown up baby. Weird.

  2. Michelle

    Too cute!

    25 pounds?!??! wow! Kylie is only 16 pounds and I thought that was a good size:) (I mean Erin was only 16 pounds at 1 year so for kylie to be that weight at 6 monhts is pretty “big” in these parts!)

  3. Heather

    Those are some serious cute kiddos. And that is one serious BIG baby. Annabelle just reached 20lbs. at almost 20 months… and I was excited. :)

  4. Writer Dad

    Those moments of knowing it will all fade too quickly both inspire me and cripple me. I try to have more days with the inspiration though. Beautiful family.

  5. nana nene

    I am going right now to see if I can get into that picture place and order the one of Jameson holding Ryan hand, I could have sworn I had that one in my collection for work, My favorite until now is the one I have of him running at the zoo, I ordered that in a 5×8. love it. nana nene


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