Books: Olly and Me

Olly and Me, by Shirley Hughes

This is our newest library find, and a super-enjoyable one, at that! It’s a book of poems about a little girl, her little brother, and their family life. Jameson loves the subject matter, as it’s all familiar to him. And the paintings are fabulous. Often, a long poem on a two-page spread doesn’t hold his attention because of the illustration to text ratio, but not in this case. I think our favorite poem is one about fireworks — Hughes’ illustration of vibrant colors exploding in energetic brush strokes against the dark sky captured both our attention for quite some time. (In fact, I suddenly can’t wait for the 4th of July!)

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  1. brietta

    Speaking of Papa Small, I’d planned on buying it for the new baby for Christmas– even before you wrote about it– because it looked so incredibly cute (and rather gender-neutral). Can you believe it’s out of print now? Why, oh why, didn’t I buy it a month ago?????

  2. brietta

    Okay… maybe it was more than a month ago. All I know is that at one point I could buy it amazon prime for about $9– and now the cheapest used copy is $19.96! Guess I’ll have to keep my eyes open…

  3. Cathy Boyle

    Brietta, Check ebay….I saw Papa Small, hardcover, “buy it now” for $10! I find some great, gently used books on too!


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