why we’re not emergent.

Now that I’ve finished this book — and yes, I was sad to see it end! — I thought I would just give a little plug for it.

My friend tells me that the Emergent church “died” a couple of weeks ago. I suppose that could make this book a bit irrelevant, except that the thinking and attitudes behind the movement still exist. Theooze.com is still up and running, and to me, that makes the book still worth reading.

Kluck and DeYoung do a great job at treating this subject. While there certainly are a few jabs at the emergent church, and a laugh here and there at their expense, it is primarily a fantastic apologetic work — meaning, here’s what they say, here’s what that means theologically, and here’s what the Bible says. I really appreciated them keeping on track. Meaning, it’s not a big long diatribe against a movement that happened to get under their skin. It’s a sincere warning sounded by two guys who see very real danger ahead.

They also do a good job at pointing out historical errors the emergent church makes. Truthfully (and these are my words), the emergent church movement is much like the 14 year old son who thinks his dad is so dumb, not realizing that in seven more years, he will discover his dad a genius. In a fit of adolescent pride and self-indulgence, “leaders” of the emergent movement are ready to throw out 2000 years of church history and claim to have discovered the true meaning of Jesus’ teachings. One can only hope that in seven years, they’ll discover the countless churches around the world who have embraced solid doctrine and are serving orphans and widows.

After reading this book, I was reminded again of how very central the gospel must be in our teaching, and in our message to the world. Anything other than Christ crucified, risen, and returning, and you have just another message of bondage to the law, and the false hope of utopia on earth. Jesus is the Head of the Church and the hope of the world.

I want to live for Him.

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