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A few new things have shown up around here this week. Not too many brand new things, really, but new to me! Every once in awhile — and I mean a great while — we’ll come upon a garage sale that is a gold mine. Last Saturday was one such sale. And then a great find turned up on craigslist, which my Ryan faithfully keeps his eye on for me. As if that’s not enough, a box of new diapering goodies came. Wow! That’s one fun week!

So I took a few pictures. They’re sort of really horrible photographs, but I had to post them anyway because, well, because I’m dying for my mom and sisters to see this stuff!

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Wow! That’s all, just wow!

    Why settle for oak when you can get a rice-carved mahogany bed? Right? Nice, just nice!

    Glad you’re having fun.

    Do you remember the Assemblyman that lived in Waddington? His home has been vacant for four years, and he passed away recently. Today and tomorrow they had an estate sale, not an auction. You show up, or call ahead for reservations, and they take folks through in small groups. So I hope to go first thing in the morning. Interesting, I’ll bet!

    Love you, and miss you!

    South Pacific was fantastic!

  2. Liz Skoglund

    I love, love, love the bookcase in the living room. I went to the summer auction in Saranac Lake today. I wanted an original Stickley china cabinet but it went for almost 10,000. Looks like from your pictures that the yard sales are amazing out west. What great finds!

  3. Ryan

    To give an idea of how great these yard sales are (sometimes):

    1. The bookshelf, $50
    2. The dresser (now a tv stand), $35
    3. Antique bevelled mirror, $20 (a steal!)
    4. Post Bed, $100
    5. Bench, $75

  4. darlenesinclair

    Sorry, I gave wrong info on Daniel Haley. He did not pass away, but the cost of the nursing home is forcing a sale of the home and its contents.
    Honestly, most everything was in similar condition to the piano we looked at over 10 years ago. And to give you an idea of prices? The piano was listed for $2800! That’s more that it was when we saw it!! But Nancy and I had fun, picked up some odds and ends. and I have something to send you as a token of remembrance of our time there over 10 years ago. Will send it your way soon! Just a little thing, but pretty.

    Love you!

  5. Abby Daniels

    OH MY GOODNESS! Love, love, love the new furniture! I am joining with the masses in proclaiming your garage sales to be the best! (Oh, and congrats on the TV- my Ryan was super excited when we got one too! haha!)

  6. sam

    I was drooling over the pictures the other day and now just saw the prices. I think the idea of bringing a truck over isn’t so bad!


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