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Jameson has been cracking us up lately. And making us think, “Man, kids are amazing. How does he know all of these phrases and concepts?” What little sponges!

Along with garage sale goodies, last week we made one of the more significant purchases of our married life: the long-awaited (by Ryan!) flat panel TV. After getting by with humongous freebies for the last four years, a rearrangement of living room furniture “necessitated” an upgrade. So one evening last week, Ryan came home with a huge box (and quickly assured me that the box was much bigger than the actual television!), and Jameson excitedly danced around, waiting to see what this obviously momentous surprise was. As Ryan opened the packaging and lifted the TV out of the box, Jameson, with wide eyes, whispered, “That’s awesome, Dad!”

We didn’t even know he knew that word! (Perhaps his uncle Merrick helped him make the association of big screens = awesome? Ha!)

The next evening as we were sitting together, I asked Jameson to do something, and he quickly replied, “No.” (Which is a new thing, but not all that funny!) Ryan promptly stood up, signifying that this was not going to pass unnoticed. Jameson just as quickly got up, sailed past his father, came to me and said, “Sorry, Mama, no-ing you. [Okay, more funniness!]” I told him I forgave him, and he turned to Ryan with a totally serious face and said in the most old-man in-charge tone of voice, “That’s it, Dad.” And went back to his seat.

We died laughing. Obviously any attempt at disciplining had been thwarted!

What’s not-so-new is the Daddy Adoration that goes on around here. William has always been enthusiastic about Ryan’s return from work, but lately, he goes into full frenzy mode the minute he hears Ryan’s voice, and I had better get him to his father quickly or else it’s hysteria! So cute, I have to say.

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  1. Jen Trelease

    Awww. What wonderful funny moments! Kids do say the darnedest things. Eleora’s favorite is “red goop!” after the strawberry rhubarb sauce she pushed aside in her bowl of ice cream at Grandma’s house. We died laughing. Now, whenever she talks to Grandma on the phone, the first words out of her mouth are “red goop!” So cute. Enjoy those kiddos! =)


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