books: simple suppers

I love this cookbook.

It is exactly what it says: simple suppers. I need to remember simple suppers, as I tend to get carried away.

It’s easier to keep things simple when they are this yummy.

You should at least get this from your library. Of course, that comes with a warning: my library’s copy sat on my kitchen counter for the maximum number of weeks, and then I just bought my own. Who doesn’t need a staple cookbook that inspires you to try new flavors, keep things simple, and maintain a healthy diet?

Plus, it has all the basic recipes one could ever need (vinaigrettes, pesto, hummus, chutney…), AND it includes a complete list of their “pantry staples”. (Some dishes include lots of fresh stuff, but some are all pantry items. Can you say practical??) And every recipe ends with a menu suggestion — sides, salads, desserts, grains, etc.

Pasta dishes, soups, creative bean dishes, salads, desserts, and mouth-watering pictures. GO FOR IT!!

(Heads-up: This is written for a pescatarian diet and is a bit tofu-heavy. It doesn’t deter me; I just substitute chicken! And who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually like the stuff. Ick.)

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  1. MaryBeth L.

    That was me with “Feeding the Whole Family” By Cynthia Lair. I renewed it as many times as possible then finally gave in and ordered my own copy. I’ll have to give this one a try :)

  2. Carole

    I love this cookbook, too. Thanks for the reminder. The little library around the corner likes to loan it to me for weeks at a time. :) I need to go find it again there.

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