:: It’s eat-from-the-freezer week around here. We came home to a completely empty fridge (which is sparkling and white and clean, and I almost don’t want to fill it!), and have bought only staples like onions, carrots, and milk, and are enjoying lovely dinners. Turkey soup (yum, yum, yum). A huge pot of [loosely interpreted] bolognese. And — oh yes, get this — a whole pumpkin pie I made for Thanksgiving but then froze. That is a treat worth finding in your freezer.

:: I went for a walk this evening. My sister, over the phone, laughed at the ridiculous idea of someone back home taking an evening walk. They’d be found dead the next morning, buried in a snowbank. Not here, though. And I can’t decide how I feel about that. I know I’m supposed to love the green lushness and refreshingly cool and yet balmy air. But there’s a part of me that really likes the PAUSE of a snowed-in January. Doesn’t everyone need to just slow down for a few months each year? I guess not here.

:: Our trip back was, of course, an episode. We spent in the night in Toronto, due to bad weather and delayed flights. William was throwing up both days. And then, hours after we arrived back home, Jameson, me, and even Ryan succumbed to the same tummy bug. Needless to say, the house was chaos. Five days later, the laundry is finally done, and the last suitcase was put away today. Ahhh.

:: Jameson will, at any given moment of the day, suddenly sigh and ask, “Why aren’t we at Nana and Papa’s house?” He had so much fun.

:: When Mom asked me what our family wanted for Christmas, I knew the answer almost immediately (and I never, ever know what I want): children’s songbooks. She got us three of them, and we’ve spent the last two mornings singing away. Well, I sing and play piano while William drums on the couch and howls, and Jameson switches back and forth between his “drum set” and tennis racket guitar. They love it and keep asking for more.

:: My favorite gift was some very cool vintage fabric from Julia. I’m going to wait for just the right inspiration before I cut into that cloth.

:: Some friends and I are going to see Sherlock Holmes on Saturday. It’ll be the first time I see them in a month. I can’t wait.

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  1. Jen Trelease

    Sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun lately! Eleora absolutely LOVES singing too. She switches back and forth between her xylophone and her popper (which is her guitar). I love kids! Miss you guys!

  2. Louissa

    “But there’s a part of me that really likes the PAUSE of a snowed-in January. Doesn’t everyone need to just slow down for a few months each year? I guess not here.”

    Wait. Where’s this club that slows down? I need to find it because the snowy January world I know doesn’t let you slow down — it keeps its freakishly fast pace and yet you somehow have to find more time for your vehicle to warm up, slower driving from hazardous road conditions, and the patience to live with cold feet all the time. Please tell me where the slow world you speak of is kept. I’d like to join.


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