making home.

I’ve been thinking about home. About how my role is to make home. And how I need to know what I’m aiming to make.


Things that go into the making of a home (and things that happen one way or the other; our job is to be proactive in shaping and making.)

There is one overarching theme in my heart when I look at that little list:

I want my kids to grow up with daily, weekly, yearly traditions of time with Jesus.
I want our home culture to be one of free expression of love for the Savior.
I want my daily, hourly activities to show that I value the Word of God and the living presence of the Holy Spirit moving in my life.
I want the environment of our home to be the warmth and peace and joy that comes from constant singing and praying and living the gospel.

All of that boils down to this:

I need to make time for the Lord.

And I know how basic that is, and I know that shouldn’t be anything new, but, well, as my dad would say, I leak. I get filled with revelation, and then next thing I know, it’s all leaked out.

So this morning, instead of any cleaning or projects or even playing with the kids, I sat at the piano and worshiped. I practiced stopping. Coming to a dead halt. Saying with my words, my actions, my whole heart that in this moment, nothing matters more than getting God.

I’m pretty sure that’s the first step in wisely building any home.

Here’s to a year of good foundation [again!].

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