books: raising kids who hunger for God

There’s a book I read last summer and forgot to mention, but it needs to be mentioned. If I could have only one book about family and parenting, this would be — hands down — the book:

Raising Kids Who Hunger For God, by Benny and Sheree Phillips

This little book — and it really is little! — packs a punch like no other. Be ready to do some serious unpacking on your own time, because they clip right along, hitting huge topics in each short chapter. Starting with a look at the American family in crisis, they cover everything from teaching responsibility, to getting a vision for your child’s future, from respecting authority to how to discipline, from training toddlers to shepherding young adults — all within the context of aiming your arrows for fervent, passionate, God-oriented lives of effective service. There is tons of scripture cited, so it really is just a launch pad for further study. I made myself read only one chapter a day, but I wanted to just devour this book. I can’t begin to tell you how often I was in tears, my heart racing as I was stirred to get God for my children. Yes, I want good kids. Yes, I want to discipline well. But yes! I really want kids in love with Jesus!

Get this book. That’s all there is to say!

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