i-phone dump

going for a walk:

i love this stroller!

picnic in the park:

hiking “the dish”:

playing at home:

jameson being a big kid at church:

william being the cuddliest baby in the world:

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  1. danica

    @Mrs Nordberg: Ha! Yeah, we’re loving all the sunshine we can get right now! (Actually, this week a huge storm has moved in, and it’s been torrential downpours. Not so much fun.)

    @Bri: I have two strollers — the double, and my umbrella. That’s all! The Phil & Teds — my double — is totally awesome. It was a gift — not sure we’d have it if it hadn’t been given to us. :-)

  2. Abby

    I’ve looked at the Phil & Ted’s stroller before, but I’ve often wondered if there is space to store anything when you have the double seat attachment in? I often have a diaper bag or shopping bags that I’m looking to stash somewhere! (this question is totally curiosity since I’m definitely not looking to purchase another stroller right now!)

  3. Danica

    @Abby: Okay, so the lack of “luggage space” is the major con with the Phil and Ted’s. I actually have this metal S hook that I bought at W@l*M@art a few years ago, and I hook it onto the handle bar and then hang grocery bags or whatever. And if it’s a really big trip, I hang one on each side. Jameson is very cooperative about his line of sight being almost completely blocked. ;-) So yeah, you have to give up some extra stash space to get the smaller footprint — but wow, it’s so worth it, if you ask me. I mean, what’s the point in having room for grocery bags if your stroller is so big you can’t get it through the aisles, right? The only other bummer I’ve had is that the tires have gone flat THREE TIMES. It’s incredibly hard to push two children in a stroller with a flat tire. ‘Nough said!


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