Sometimes I am so struck by the wonderfulness of this walk with Christ. Like, wow, what a great plan!

This past Monday, we got a whole van-load of boxes, and, knowing that was the day’s plans, I mentally rolled up my sleeves and prepared for this task of packing. I reviewed my strategy, but I also gave myself a little pep talk. The house will seem like a disaster, said I to myself. The kids will get cranky at all the wrong moments. They will unpack boxes you just filled, and will rip tape off the boxes you thought were so well sealed. Those amazing little houdinis. Tempers will probably flare, and tensions will run high, and you’ll have to remember that it’s just a season, and soon it will be over. And you’ll have to work hard at kindness and patience — more so than usual.

And that’s when I was struck.

I saw, in vivid color, as though for the first time, that kindness and patience are a fruit of the Spirit — and the Spirit will still be active and moving in our lives, even during this topsy-turvy month!

I literally teared up, and my heart just burst with happiness and relief. I can have love and joy all the time.

Love, joy, peace — they are not fruits of routine, order, and a good night’s sleep.

Against such there is no law — not even the laws of chaos, exhaustion, teething babes, and tight budgets can keep the fruits of the Spirit from growing in a willing life.

Suddenly I’ve found myself murmuring to myself —

— when it’s only 9am, and two kids are crying and whining and I’m just so tired: Joy is not the fruit of rest; it’s a fruit of the Spirit.

— when I trip over the crying baby who’s trying to climb up my [moving] legs: Kindness is not the fruit of tranquility; it’s a fruit of the Spirit.

— when little hands are reaching for me, a boy is getting into trouble, a dear husband calls his need for something, and I can’t do it all at once: Peace and love are not the fruits of manageable moments; they are fruits of the Spirit.

And if that’s true, then there’s nothing about right now that makes those fruits an impossibility. In the middle of these boxes, in the midst of any tears, above and through and in all the pressures and demands, we can experience:

love. joy. peace. patience. kindness. goodness. faithfulness. gentleness. self-control.

See what I mean about the wonderfulness of it all?

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  1. darlenesinclair

    Such a great post! Such profound knowledge of such profound grace and love and power! Isn’t the word of God wonderful? Doesn’t it release such faith? Sleep does not produce patience — He does! When, as a young mother, I realized it might be years before I slept through the night, I found help in His word. Joy, patience, kindness — everything I needed was mine through Him. And He has been more than enough. More than enough!
    Thanks for a wonderful, God-filled post!

  2. Kathy

    I’m reading and catching up and the thought came to me: “Wow. She has 2 little boys. I did that once.”

    Where did the time go??

  3. Tarah

    We are not in the process of moving as you are (although we are trying to sell our house) but life has been a bit busier than normal. In the last 2 weeks we’ve had 1 full day and night that we have NOT had something! There has been very little sleep & the girls schedules are so off.

    As I read this I’m sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. You took the words right out of my mouth! The fruit of the spirit is the verse we are having our 2 yr old memorize right now. For day’s, if not week, I’ve been mulling it over in my heading, realizing that I’ve been missing something. What you said, what your wrote, put words to my thoughts.

    I almost hit “read” in my google reader & went to bed but decided to scan you post before I mark it as “read” – so glad I did! The reason I didn’t is b/c I felt like there was a reason I was up. I was just praying asking the Lord to show me that reason. I’m convinced it was to read your post. It was as if the Lord went here Tarah you know you’ve been missing something this is what it is: You can have the fruits of the Spirit ALL the time. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you’re getting, how off the babes schedule is, how nonstop life is right now. We are called to live in the Spirit and when we do the fruit we produce is of the Spirit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness & self-control.

    “There‚Äôs nothing about right now that makes those fruits an impossibility.” I’m going to keep quoting this to myself when times get tough.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  4. Helen

    Danica, great post. It can be so easy to slip into “self-effort” when we have the living Holy Spirit to access at ALL TIMES.

    I kept seeing hints of what was going on in your life on FB, so I came to your blog to find out more. I guess you’re back in NY. How wonderful to be near your family again. I resurrected my blog in you want to visit it.

    Blessings, H.


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