william walks?

William is a pip.

He doesn’t get pushed around, at all.

In spite of the fact that we’ve been suggesting he try to take a few steps, he has stubbornly, resolutely refused to ever let go of our hands when walking.

It has to be his own idea, on his own time.

Maybe he thought the typical first attempts at walking — you know, two or three steps followed by a face plant — were a bit beneath his maturity level. He wanted to make sure he had it totally figured out in his head before actually implementing his strategy. At any rate, he had us in stitches last Thursday night when suddenly, he decided to start walking:

(Or friend Emre is behind the camera.)

Of course, what really cracks me up is that since that night, he has not taken a single step! He absolutely refuses to humor our requests and acts as though that walking event never even took place. What a guy.

3 Comments william walks?

  1. Lore

    totally just watched that three times in a row, clapping my hands and laughing as though i was there.

    i can’t wait til you’re home. can’t wait.

  2. jean dunphey

    Oh my I don’t want to say much but this is all very familiar. Love it.
    Also love the look on Jameson’s face like whats the big deal, look at me I can run, not just walk


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