It’s 6:30.

William woke, I nursed him, Ryan and I chuckled quietly at his strong personality, then they both slipped back into sleep. Quietly, I found my warm slippers, grabbed Ryan’s sweatshirt, and padded down the carpeted hallway. The doorknob at hallway’s end opened without a sound as I made my way to the kitchen.

My second morning in this house. Our house.

The coffee routine was a bit smoother this time around; yesterday was all clumsiness and trying to remember where the spoons were. Button pushed, coffee dripping, I headed to the couch in the family room. Here, a wall of windows looks out over breathtaking views stretching to the Adirondacks — but that will be when the sun comes up. For now, there is a blanket of gray fog wrapping our house, leaving only a dim idea of where edge of woods meets our yard.

How many mornings will be spent exactly like this, in this exact spot?

We are so, so blessed.

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  1. darlenesinclair

    So much about this imagery sounds wonderful — the calm, peaceful view; the isolated drip of coffee for you alone; the comfy familiar couch in a new family room; a sleeping babe. But one my favorites is the soundless door that shuts them in and you out. Soundless doors. Hmmm… maybe someday. ;)


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