new walls!

Still to do: paint ceiling fan to help it disappear; install light fixture for over table; install wide plank wood floors; buy more tapers for my sad candlesticks.

Now to decide what to do with the cupboards: paint, hardware… Also, this light over the sink. At least until we rearrange the layout by putting the sink under the window and ditching the peninsula, at which point it will be moved to suspend over my kitchen island. Someday.

Someday, this sort of chair where the green chair is currently. The mantel needs to be reworked and painted. Trying to decide how I feel about the brick. I do love painted brick, you know!

Wood floors and some sort of non-invasive window treatments. Someday.

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  1. sam

    I love the wall color and the light woodwork. I like painted brick as well and would definitely go for it. What a fun process making a house your home is!


    you can get blades for the fan at Lowes or HD for around 10 -15 for the set. I bought white for my living room. I recently had the loft painted and need to do something with those blades too. Makes a great improvement. Maybe just white wash the brick at first, you can do some more white than others, to see how you like it and it will still make it brighter. see you all in 6 weeks. love and hugs for those boys. Ry too..

  3. Liz Skoglund

    It looks amazing. I really do like the new color. I vote for painting the brick. A few months ago I wouldn’t have said that but hanging around mom has changed me. She is painting everything and I am really impressed how much better old stuff looks with a new coat of paint. Don’t you just love owning your own home and being able to do whatever you want. I sure do!

  4. Andrea Hawkins

    Looks GREAT Danica! I love the color you chose for the walls. I love the natural brick, but I’m sure it will look nice painted too. Tell Jameson “HI” from “his” Hawkins Boys! :)

  5. Renee

    Looks SO nice Danica!! You must be loving it! Amazing what some paint and WHITE trim can do huh?? And I’m all into painting everything right now too! However the natural really looks nice too. I’d wait to see what it looks like with whenever you get your new floors and then decide. You may be surprised what then a new floor can do!!!

  6. krista crumpton

    It looks great! So much better than the “before” pictures. I thought you had bought a one of those big old houses in town, but it looks like you are out in the country. How far out of town are you?

  7. danica

    @Krista: We bought a newer house right “outside” of town. Past the cemeteries, on the same side of the road as my parents’. We can walk to visit cousins, library, park, etc, but enjoy the sense of being in the middle of nowhere. Nice.

  8. diane

    Yup, I think paint the brick. Raw brick is mindful of “cabin” and your house looks anything but like a cabin!


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