house projects!

Last week, we dove into a house project we’ve had planned since moving in: the long-awaited opening up of the living room and dining room!

When we bought this house, it was turn-key. Pristine. Solid. Ready to go.

Except that the dining room was designed to accommodate about 8 people, and I guess if you’re the oldest of 9 kids, that just doesn’t seem quite practical. And so, the very first time I walked down the narrow hall separating the dining room from the living room, I was already dreaming of openness.

Of course, although I had a general idea in mind, I hadn’t really gotten down to details, but Ryan’s never deterred by that. I guess he figures that if there’s a construction zone in the middle of my house, and sheetrock dust on everything, I’ll hurry up about deciding those details. “Hey, it works.” (Those are his exact words. :-))

Saturday, an official lull in the construction activities will take place, as we have guests arriving from California. But not too much longer, and we’ll have a dining room ready to seat as many as will come — provided, of course, that we can find a table. (And chairs. Oh, and a couch, too, and…)

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  1. sam

    I was looking at the pictures on facebook thinking, “I wish she explained more about what the project is” and , lo and behold, here’s the explanation. I love a good house project! So happy for you guys as you make your house even more YOUR home.

  2. Jen Trelease

    Danica! First of all, congrats on your pregnancy!!! I’m so excited for you guys. You gonna do a guess the gender, height, weight, due date, etc. thingy?!? I love those. =) Also, exciting stuff about the home renovations. We are currently under construction ourselves. Eric and his Dad are moving my washer and dryer upstairs, out of the basement – YES! I’m so excited. Even more blessed that Eric was so thoughtful in wanting to help me out in this way. Husbands rock. Miss you and love you guys lots!


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