sad attempts at blogging

It’s a blizzard out there.

That’s why the boys are playing wii while I slowly stir a pot of rice pudding. I love when you wake up and the weather gives you permission to hibernate. (I missed those slow days in sunny California, crazy as that may sound.)

I wonder why I don’t blog.

So I sit down here with my coffee and thousand things on my mind, and open my browser.

Then Jameson can’t figure out how to change his mii.

Sit back down.

William wants to play. Jameson can’t figure out how to make two players.

Sit back down.

Remember the porridge. Stir.


Jameson picked a game way over William’s head. Change the game. (Ever tried using a wii remote that’s attached to a jumping four-year-old’s wrist? Deep breath.)


Ryan comes in, so I say hello.


“Honey? Can you please figure out what size shades I need for my windows today?” Make mental note.


“I need you to pick out molding today. Here’s the catalog.”

Attempt to refocus. Remember the porridge. Stir.


Realize I can’t focus on my blog with porridge, boys playing wii, shades, and molding on my mind — along with the other thousand other things.

Maybe this is why I’ve been so quiet.

I’ll try again later.

4 Comments sad attempts at blogging

  1. darlenesinclair

    Aww… and I was about to call and ask you if the boys could come down for a outdoor play time in the backyard with Uncle Merrick and cousins. Paladins are coming around 10:15ish. Let me know. Maybe I can scoot down and scoop them up!

  2. diane

    I’ve missed you, but boy I remember those days.
    Thinking is the hardest part. Make lists when you brain is able to just think :)
    You had a link to a mom’s blog awhile back and she was so inspiring!
    Seems she was midwestern, homeschool mom of many. Any clues?


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