lunch with my boyz

We converse. Sometimes it sounds like this:

J: (holding index finger and thumb an inch apart) When you were two, were you this big?

Me: No! When I was that big, I was still in my mama’s tummy!

J: Oh


J: Did you have fun in there?

Mostly we eat. It looks like this:

5 Comments lunch with my boyz

  1. Renee

    Uhhh…….absolutely LOVE those conversations! Looking forward to getting back to them seeing as now I serve lunch and hit the couch for 20 min with no interruption. Boy do I love to hear them chatter though!

  2. jeannie dunphey

    There is one of these pictures that when I look at it I can hear Jameson say, touch it dad, touch it dad. I know he isn’t but I never will forget that video. Love these.


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