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:: God being this kind of God, and not just a god of my own imagination, the importance of the family table, and other really good Dad sermons.

:: how, when we’re at the end of our rope and can only hold onto one thing, we choose fear instead of hope, worry instead of peace, death instead of life. Why not hold onto Jesus?

:: fleeting days. Summer days, winter days; baby days, boys days — they’re all fleeting, and I don’t want to waste them or wish them away. Today is the day the Lord has made, today is the day of salvation, today is what I’ve been given to sow my life into.

:: a baby coming, and how much I can’t believe it. A baby. A real, live baby. And how amazing this process is. Does it ever cease to be amazing? (I think not.) We’re all so excited.

:: how, as I approach the birthing event, I derive so much confidence from knowing that God made me to do this. Actually, pretty much all of my confidence. Belief in a creative, loving, wise God makes all the difference in how I live and approach my life’s callings. Because God said.

:: the fun weekend I just had with Ryan, celebrating our anniversary. Just a couple days away, but so fun to spend it walking, talking, eating, and just being together. It was such a treat.

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