day at the farm

Today, after serving scones and caps to a table of wonderful guests, the kids and I spent an afternoon at our friends’ nearby farm. There were baby goats and piglets to see, and most of all, their wonderful family.

The sky was blue, the sun was warm, the wind was chilly — it was a perfect April day. And their charming farm, which I grew up admiring, is bursting with dreams come true.

We took a tour of baby animals. The cute pink piglets were especially exciting, although when the sow walked by, William instantly gagged. His sensitive nose wasn’t quite up to the challenge. (I laughed. A lot.)

Then the kids played:

Beatrice slept:

And the mamas talked about vaccinations and home schooling, birth and teething, babies sleeping (or not!), SAHM missions fields and anything else that came to mind.

Perfectly lovely.

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