william, slow and steady

William is NOT a daredevil. He is careful and cautious. Recently, he has been pushing his comfort zone with climbing and such, always asking me, “Aren’t I brave, Mama?” (Well, he actually asks, “Am me bwave, Mama?”)

Yesterday, after a week of trying, he finally really “got” pedaling. (Up till now, he’s had a trike and has been happy to mostly just push it along Flintstone-style.) It’s so fun to watch him ride around in circles — the most cerebral bike riding you’ve ever seen!

For more riveting footage, go here.

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  1. sam

    Love it.

    Reminds me a bit of Elizabeth. When she turned five she got her first two wheeler, complete with training wheels. We would go around the block and she pedaled at about that speed. Meanwhile Ian, who was three at the time, had a bike about the size of William’s and was riding circles around her – on two wheels no less. I love how all our children are so very different in so many ways.


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