november 15

Today was:

Coffee, laundry, prayer, Bible, chatting with my 6 year old mister.

Walking to the tune of freezing face and appendages. It’s really cold out there! (I’ll be laughing at myself in a couple of months, when the thermometer is struggling to reach 0 degrees!)

Breakfast that took too long.

Devotions, where every word I spoke to the boys turned right around and convicted me. Some days it’s just like that. I need Jesus every bit as much as they do.

Cleaning bedrooms: The dust in mine was horrific. Convincing Jameson to throw away the pile of junk on his dresser was traumatic.

Walking to my mom’s house for Jameson’s 1912 literature class, where we learned about Jim Thorpe. Life is very sad and very hard. Heaven is a good promise.

Waving good-bye to our very wonderful neighbors. Sure, we only have been neighbors for 2.5 years, but these people have been a presence here in town for much longer than I’ve been alive. Long before I knew their names, I knew their familiar faces as they passed our house on their daily walk. We’ll really miss them.

Lunch of PB&J.

Lots of discussions on not harassing little brothers, not being a tattle-tale, being quick to forgive and move on, obeying even when Mama is not in the room, and saying NO to foolishness. (Lots.)

Naps, quiet, Christmas shopping online.

Coffee for me (and a bit for the 6 year old) while we cuddled up and watched this.

Math, coloring, vacuuming, reading.

Lighting candles and pj’s.

Lastly, pizza, root beer, and Star Wars 6 (with Daddy manning the remote controls. We like to skip the scantily-clad Leia scenes. Ick.)


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  1. Korie

    Can I just say I’m really glad my house isn’t the only one where those conversations you mentioned happen “LOTS”? Thanks for sharing your days with us. :-)


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