november 18

I fell in love with this photo tonight: William, his imagination completely captured by Han Solo’s adventures. (Is that even how you spell that name?)



Friday morning, I slipped in an early walk. Those amazing morning skies frustrate me, because there’s no way for me to ever do them justice in photos. Breathtaking!


Also on Friday, my sister and brother-in-law came for the evening. This sister is due to have a baby any day, and I am beyond excited. At any moment, my phone could ring, and I’ll drop everything and go to be with her.

Lucky me: I have another sister whose due date is also coming up! Precious babies, momentous and life-changing moments.


Saturday was shopping. All. Day. Long. I love it! Ryan watched the boys so I could join my mom and sister for a big Christmas shopping trip. We have so much fun and get so much done.


Today, we dedicated Beatrice at church. What a sober and exciting opportunity: to look at her future and declare that we will give ourselves to see her know and love Jesus. Lots of other babies were dedicated, too, between the two CFC locations. We are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by peers who have the same passion and determination for their families. God is truly so, so good to us.

Spontaneously, all of my north-country-living family came for the afternoon. We all just relaxed and soaked in the peace of a few hours all together.

The best part may be the plethora of little people running around, making everything more fun and special simply by being here. And to think: we’re adding two more cousins this month!

Claire, in the background, being adorable as always.

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