november 27

Before Thanksgiving and its busyness had been completely wrapped up and put away, we were launched into an exciting weekend of BABIES!

Saturday evening, one sister began labor, followed hours later by a second. (How many times does a family get to experience such excitement?!) Sunday afternoon, I was able to travel to sweet Louissa’s house to be with her during her labor. Adrian Richard was born at midnight, on the dot. What an absolutely amazing experience.

Louissa, savoring first moments with her little Adrian.

Monday morning, while tidying Louissa’s kitchen , buying a few groceries, chopping and cooking, I waited and waited for a word from Carina. Finally, a little after 5, a text came through: a girl!

William, meeting Margaret Kathleen

A boy, a girl, in one day. Bursting. Yes, that’s how I felt. Bursting with joy and thankfulness.

Saying good-bye to Adrian

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