november 30

Well, I sort of fizzled out with my post-a-day. I guess Thanksgiving that turns right into several days of babies being born, immediately followed by let’s-deck-the-halls will have that effect on regular posts.

But before I fall asleep tonight, before the whirlwind excitement of December with young children arrives, I just want to pause and notice this:


See, in mere months she’ll be further along on her big-girl way. In just a few years, she’ll have changed altogether. But right now, there are still traces of my sweetest baby girl. Like these bedtime moments, when she falls asleep nursing, when her little fist is curled and resting on my chest, when her soft cheeks are rosiest and kissable. I slip her into my bed, tuck her in, and she sleeps, happy to be near me.

I love you, little girl.

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