Once in awhile you’ll hear me exclaim, “Brrrr!”, as I run for a heavier sweater. But that’s as close as I’ll come to complaining about winter. It’s far too breathtaking to wish it away. At least, that’s my [not terribly popular, and for reasons I certainly understand] opinion.

Take this morning, for example. Yes, it was freezing cold! But thanks to a warm fleece and coat Ryan bought for me, and wool for my head and hands, the cold doesn’t do too much damage. It was just enough to make me feel alive. I walked as briskly as I could, but had to stop often. This sort of morning can’t just go unnoticed.

The morning light on fresh snow? Diamonds, opals, pearls, silver. So delicate.

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  1. Debbie Page

    So thankful for these lovely pictures. I miss wintertime in NNY :l …..sometimes, even the freezing cold temps ( on days when I would be able to sit cozily by a nice wood fireplace). Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Jen

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE winter! These pictures are gorgeous! The cold is refreshing and rejuvenating. We lived in Michigan for ten years where we had REAL winter. We live in Maryland now and “winter” barely rears her head here. My sweet husband grew up in Buffalo though. He would move to Florida in heartbeat; says he met his “snow quota” for his entire life before he was 18. :-)

  3. Andrea

    Keep the photos coming. I love that you love it, but you do understand those of us who are so over it all….xoxo

  4. diane

    Know just what you mean! I wouldn’t trade out the coziness and invigoration of this season for anything!
    And honestly, it just makes spring all the sweeter!


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