in short:

…And another long silence here.

Sometimes life is just busy happening, and I don’t write. Sometimes, though, my head and heart are swirling with so many things, and what should be said? what does this mean? what do I think?

In February, we got back into routine: and we all thrive. Boys learned new chores and happily, proudly, rose to the occasion. School work gets done, books get read, piano is practiced, and playing is a wonderful privilege.

I think about holiness, which simply means living a life that looks more and more like Jesus in me. I remember how “friendship with the world is enmity with God” shaped so much of who I was as a young adult. Have I forgotten that? Have I grown too old, too tired, too “mature”? I hope not. I wonder what my idols are, where they’re hidden in the corners of my heart. I don’t want to confuse pregnancy exhaustion with soul complacency — and the one hides so conveniently in the shadows of the other. I ask myself again: What does it mean to be an alien in a foreign land? This is all passing away; do I live like that’s true?

I’m thankful for pilgrims, for patriots, for pioneers. I’m thankful for their spirit that continually sets an example. We (Ryan and I) talk at length and depth about their actions, their decisions, their words. We read Romans 13, and the Constitution, and ponder Lex Rex and what that means for us, in this day and age. We’ve been translated to the Kingdom of light, but we live out this life in families and nations; what does that mean? Things to wonder, and things that make this truth altogether clear: He has set eternity in my heart, and though the earth should be removed, my confidence is safely in Him.

These kids, this home, this church, this country, this passing Age, a King who has captured my heart: this, in short, is what is on my mind.

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  1. Daniel Farrow

    Danica. Thank you for this. I need to ponder many of these things myself, and I’m grateful that what you’ve written is helping me to think about them. Grace, Daniel


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